§ 1

General Provisions. 

1. The following Rules and Regulations (hereinafter called “the Rules”) are published in accordance with the Law on the Safety of Mass Events of March 20, 2009 (Journal of Laws 2013, item 611) and in accordance with the Act of April 23, 1964, Civil Code (Journal of Laws no. 16 item 93 with subsequent amendments). 

2. The Rules are published by Fundacja “Independent,” based in Katowice at ul. Alfonsa Górnika 3/5, 40-133, entered into the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations, and public health care facilities under KRS:0000299949, NIP: 2220846119, REGON: 240858978 (hereinafter called “the Organizers”), the organizers of the event called “Off Festival Katowice,” which will be held on August 4-7, 2017 in Katowice at Dolina Trzech Stawów (hereinafter called “the Event”).

3. The Rules apply to all persons present at the location at which the Event is held during the entire duration of the Event. Each person present at said location during the duration of the Event must abide by the provisions set out in the Rules below.

4. The purpose of the Rules is to ensure the security of the Event by specifying rules of behavior for those participating in the Event and rules for using the Event Grounds, as well as to regulate the rights and responsibilities of participants resulting from their purchases of tickets.


§ 2


The definitions of words used in these Rules are as follows:

a) “Ticket” – individual permission granted by the Organizers for the Attendee to enter the Event. The Ticket is exchanged for an Identifier (wristband) upon first entrance to the Festival Grounds.

b) “Identifier”– a wristband of a design chosen by the Organizers. Attendees are required to fasten the wristband on their right or left wrists before entering the Festival grounds. The Identifier may only be used by one person. It is forbidden to transfer or lend the Identifier to others. A damaged, torn, lost, or stolen Identifier is the liability of the Attendee and shall be considered invalid;

c) “Attendee” – a participant of the Event, as permitted by the Identifier, issued in exchange for the Ticket, subject to the provisions of article 3, item 1, sentence 2 below. The Attendee may by an adult or a minor. Minors under 15 may only participate in the Event if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized adult, and at the liability of said adult, after the adult has signed a liability (including financial liability) waiver for the minor upon first entry to the Event. Minors are not permitted to participate in events that the organizers of the Event have designated as adult-only. Parent or legal guardian liability waivers are available for download below:

Download festival liability waiver here

d) “Event Grounds”– the designated area of the mass event at Dolina Trzech Stawów in Katowice where the artistic events of the Festival will take place, not including the VIP Zone, the Food Court, and the Festival Campground;

e) “Festival Campground”– the designated area outside the Event Grounds, accessible for a fee to Event Attendees, intended for use as a campground for a maximum of 2,000 tents, together with sanitary facilities;

f) “Food Court” – the designated area outside the Event Grounds where Event Attendees may exchange Festival Coupons for beverages (hot and cold) and food (hot and cold). 

g) "Festival Coupons” – legal tender exchangeable at the Food Court exclusively for beverages and other articles. Rules pertaining to the use of Festival Coupons are listed in separate Rules and Regulations, available at and at exchange points;

h) “OFF Snob Zone” – a designated area outside the Event Grounds accessible only to authorized persons bearing the appropriate Identifier.


§ 3


1. Entry to the Event Grounds will only be authorized upon presentation of a valid proof of identity and a Ticket, which shall be exchanged for an Identifier upon first entry. Caregivers accompanying persons with impaired mobility or vision are entitled to free entrance. Only one caregiver is entitled to free entrance on each individual date of the Event and my not be substituted by another caregiver on that date. The organizers reserve the right to verify a person’s disability by requesting the presentation of a certification of disability, disabled ID or parking permit as well as a photo ID (personal ID, passport). Each subsequent entry to the Event Grounds shall only be authorized upon presentation of an Identifier permanently fastened on the wrist of the Attendee.

2. Tickets are sold exclusively at OFF Shop available at or and authorized points of sales. A list of authorized points of sales is available at . Tickets may be sold at the price printed on the Ticket exclusively. The resale of Tickets at prices higher than that printed on the Ticket is prohibited. The resale of Tickets by auction, bidding, contest, and resale for profit outside authorized points of sale is prohibited. 

3. Only original Tickets purchased in accordance with the above Rules and Regulations may be exchanged for Identifiers. Tickets purchased in violation of the above Rules and Regulations may be nullified by the Organizers (or their representatives) without reimbursement.

4. Regardless of the fulfillment of items 1–3, admission onto the Event Grounds will be refused to any persons:

a) against whom a legally binding court order has been issued, barring said person from attending mass events,

b) against whom a legally binding court order has been issued, requiring said person to refrain from attending mass events, issued to the convict as part of a probation agreement, or issued to a minor on the basis of art. 6 item 2 of the Act of October 26, 1982 on procedures regarding cases involving minors.

c) who refuse to submit to a check of their authorization to attend a mass event. 

d) who lack an Identifier,

e) who are under the visible influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychoactive substances, or other substance with similar effects (including pharmaceuticals),

f) who are carrying weapons or other objects, materials, products, beverages, or substances mentioned in article 4 item 9 of these Rules and Regulations,

g) who are behaving in an aggressive or provocative fashion, or in any other way that constitutes a safety or security hazard to the Event,

h) who cannot be identified due to their appearance,

i) who are carrying plastic or glass or metal containers or cans, etc., excluding Participants entering the Event Grounds with a child, provided the containers or cans, etc. carried onto the Grounds are required and intended to be used to serve the child his or her meals,

j) who are carrying other dangerous objects,

k) who cannot present valid identification,

l) who are carrying selfie sticks (a type of hand-held monopod used to make “selfies”) or drones (remote-controlled or automatic devices used mainly for the purpose of observation or recording).

6. Objects shall be deemed dangerous at the discretion of the Security And Information Personnel.

7. Children aged 10 and younger receive free admittance to the Event.


§ 4


1. The Organizers shall ensure the security of those attending the Event and provide security during the Event through:

a) Security And Information Personnel and information personnel, identified by characteristic pieces of clothing and/or identification badges,

b) a chief of security, hired to direct the Security Personnel and organize their work,

c) medical assistance and sanitary facilities.

2. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event Grounds are required to obey instructions given by the Security And Information Personnel and the chief of security. Attendees may only refuse to obey said instructions if the instructions are in contradiction to generally binding laws.

3. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event Grounds are required to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others present at the Event, and are especially required to obey the provisions of these Rules and Regulations. It is prohibited to damage markers, information signs, advertising media, and equipment at the Event Grounds. Attendees are required to use sanitary facilities exclusively in the manner intended.

4. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event Grounds are required to wear a valid Identifier on their wrists. The lack of an Identifier, or an Identifier that is torn or damaged, as well as an Identifier that is not fastened around the wrist constitute unequivocal grounds for the removal of the Attendee from the Event Grounds.

5. Security And Information Personnel, identified by identification badges worn in a visible area, are permitted, in accordance with the Law on the Safety of Mass Events, to:

a) check Attendees’ authorization to attend the Event,

b) ask Attendees to present ID,

c) examine the clothing and luggage of Attendees and to open containers or cans mentioned in article 3, item 4, sub-item i, in case of suspicion that said Attendees are carrying objects mentioned in item 9 of this article,

d) determine a person’s authorization to attend the Event, and in the case of the lack of such authorization, to ask said person to leave the Event,

e) issue security instructions to persons disturbing public order or behaving in a manner that violates the rules and regulation of mass events, and in case of refusal to cooperate, ask said person to leave the Event,

f) apply physical force in the form of transport and self-defense techniques, handcuffs, or hand-held incapacitating agent dispensers in cases defined in article 11, points 1 and 2 of the Act of May 24, 2013, on means of physical coercion and firearms.

g) apprehend persons posing a direct threat to the life and health of others and protected property, with the purpose of immediate transfer of said persons to the Police.

6. Security And Information Personnel are required to remove from the Event Grounds persons whose behavior disturbs public order or violates the Rules and Regulations.

7. Depending on the potential risks and needs, Security And Information Personnel may be equipped with hand-held metal detectors, sample tickets, sample identifiers, and sample invitations, as well as any other necessary and legally permissible self-defense measures.

8. Security And Information Personnel determine a person’s authorization to be present at the Event by:

a) checking whether the person has a valid ticket, or an identifier that has been issued in exchange for the ticket, as well as by

b) comparing the presented document with a sample.

9. It is forbidden to bring in and carry the following at the Event:

a) weapons or other dangerous objects,

b) explosives,

c) fireworks,

d) materials that may cause a fire hazard,

e) alcoholic beverages,

f) narcotics and psychoactive substances,

g) selfie sticks,

h) drones.

10. It is forbidden to enter the Event Grounds with animals, with the exception of blind Attendees, who may enter the Event Grounds with their seeing-eye dogs.

11. It is forbidden to provide services, trade, or conduct any other commercial activity at the Event Grounds without the consent of the Organizers.

12. It is forbidden to bring in to the Event and uses telephoto lenses over 200 mm and television and video cameras. Only accredited journalists and photographers are permitted to take pictures using cameras and telephoto lenses over 200 mm during the festival. It is forbidden to record video or other formats (DV, DV Cam, Beta, etc.), with the exception of persons who have been granted permission and have proper authorization (accreditation). 

13. Attendees may be adults, or minors aged 15 and above, while minors under 15 may attend the Event under the supervision and at the liability of a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized adult.

14. The Organizers, meaning the persons acting in their name and at their request, are authorized to check the ID of every person entering and exiting the Event, as well as those present at the Event, especially with the purpose of investigating the circumstances mentioned in the above items.

15. Should the inspected luggage or clothing be found to contain objects that are forbidden to be brought into or carried at the Event, Security And Information Personnel may refuse entry to the person with whom the said items have been found, or remove the person from the Event Grounds.

16. Persons who have been refused entry into the Event or removed from the Event Grounds for reasons specified in the Rules and Regulations shall not be reimbursed for their Ticket or any other claims.

17. The Organizers shall provide fire safety by ensuring the staff and Security And Information Personnel are familiar with the location of hydrants and extinguishers, as well as protocol in case of fire. The Organizers shall also provide the following training to Security Personnel: evacuation protocol, notifying the fire department, use of hand-held fire extinguishers, and first-aid training.


§ 5


1. A purchased Ticket cannot be exchanged or returned. The Organizers reserve the right to cancel the Event without prior notice. The Organizers will not be required to provide any reimbursement, compensation, or restitution to Ticket bearers, aside from the price printed on the Ticket for the canceled Event.


2. The legal tender at the Event Grounds and the Food Court is the festival coupon, which can be exchanged for such goods as food and beverages. Money can be exchanged for coupons at specially marked points on the Event Grounds. Rules pertaining to the use of Festival Coupons are listed in separate Rules and Regulations, available at and at exchange points


3. The Organizer reserves the right to decide and amend the program of the Event with just cause, as well as the right to decide and amend the list of performers and scheduling of the program without prior consultation, reimbursement, compensation, or restitution to the Ticket bearer.


4. Event Attendees and others present at the Event Grounds may be subject to prolonged exposure to sound levels that may cause hearing damage. Attendees participate in the Event at their own risk. Those particularly at risk include pregnant women and persons suffering from epilepsy.


5. The Organizers and Sponsors shall record and publish the Event in audiovisual format (for use in news journalism, interviews, documentary, artistic films, or music videos) and visual format (for use in documentary and artistic photography), for the purpose of documenting, promoting, or advertising the Event and the Organizer’s other events, as well as for the purpose of promoting or advertising the Organizer and Sponsors themselves. The likenesses of those present on the Festival Grounds may be recorded free of charge and subsequently disseminated in the manners and for the purposes mentioned above, to which the Participant of the Event consents to by entering the Festival Grounds.


§ 6


1. The Organizers reserve all rights to the name and logo of the Event. Official programs and gadgets associated with the Event shall be sold exclusively at the Event Grounds or at points of sale authorized by the Organizers.


2. The status of a sponsor of the Event may be granted exclusively by the Organizers.


3. The Organizers shall not be held responsible for Force Majeure. Force Majeure shall be considered any event that lies beyond the control of the Organizers and which makes the fulfillment of the Organizers responsibilities and duties impossible. The following shall especially be considered Force Majeure: atmospheric conditions (e.g. rainfall, hot weather), breakdowns or disruptions of the equipment providing electricity, heating, and lighting, and actions undertaken by national or local authorities with regards to laws, policies, and rules that affect the fulfillment of the above responsibilities and/or duties, as well as any extraordinary social, economical, political, or legal phenomena (changes).


4. The above Rules and Regulations are available at: as well as festival information points.


5. Security And Information Personnel may issue their own security and fire safety instructions, in accordance with binding laws.


6. All issues not settled herein are regulated by the appropriate laws, particularly the Law on the Safety of Mass Events.


7. The above Rules and Regulations are effective as of October 24, 2016.