OFF Festival Katowice 2017 – Festival Campground Rules and Regulations

    1. Festival campground is a separate, fenced-off area at the Muchowiec Airport in Katowice, which includes: camping spots, portable toilets, hand wash stations, showers, a left luggage facility, medical tent, food court, and technical facilities.
    3. The festival campground is open all day, from August 4 at 9:00 pm to August 7 at 12:00 am.
    5. The festival campground is organised by Fundacja Independent.
    7. A fee is charged for staying at the festival campground, and only wristband bearers will be admitted.
    9. The wearing of wristbands is mandatory in the festival campground.
    11. Persons present at the festival campground are required to wear a valid wristband on their wrists. The lack of a wristband, wearing a torn or damaged wristband, or not fastening the wristband around the wrist will be considered unambiguous grounds for the removal of the person from the premises of the festival campground. A new wristband will only be issued after the person has paid the festival campground entrance fee.
    13. Only tents are permitted at the festival campground (large-size tents, pavillons, campers and trailers are not allowed).
    14.  following are forbidden at the festival campground:
    • campfires
    • open flames in tents
    • fireworks
    • stoves with gas canisters
    • appliances (electric tea kettles, immersion heaters)
    • connecting appliances to the campground electrical grid
    • damaging festival campground facilities and plant life
    • disturbing the peace in the festival campground
    • littering
    • dangerous objects
    • alcohol and drugs
    • animals
    • walking onto the airport tarmac
  1. Festival campground guests must adhere to instructions given by the representatives of the Festival organiser and security guards.
  3. Minors (under 18) will only be permitted into the festival campground with a waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. Persons not abiding by the above rules will be removed from the festival campground without a refund or possibility of return.
  7. Any damages caused by festival campground guests must be reimbursed in accordance with the Civil Code. Persons removed from the festival campground (see pt. 10) are not exempt from reimbursing any damages they may have caused.
  9. The organisers shall not be held accountable for items lost at the festival campground or left unattended outside the left luggage facility (including items left in tents).
  11. Guests are asked to immediately report any hazards, concerns, or complaints to representatives of the Organiser at the festival campground or to security guards.
  13. The organiser reserves the right to modify these rules.
Katowice, October 24 2016
Independent Foundation